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  • Momentos Cumbre (Los grandes maestros del arte flamenco) 23.95€ #50112BMG82 Ref.: 50112BMG82

    Momentos Cumbre (Los grandes maestros del arte flamenco)

    Momentos Cumbre (Los grandres Maestros del arte flamenco) is made up of 3 fully remastered Cd's in which 'there is no selection criteria other than offering the listener with a sampler of the best quality voices and guitars of flamenco's most fertile catalogue on record'. It is selection of the best recordings from the archives of the following labels: Ariola, Columbia, Rca, Alhambra, Zafiro,...

    Price: 23.95 € (28.09 USD)
  • Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco 9.90€ #50535AD522 Ref.: 50535AD522

    Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco

    Original recordings from the 30. Juan Varea. He was not Andalusian or gipsy but a real Flamenco. Juanito Varea left us a large discography including all the famous "palos" of the flamenco music. He is considered as a traditional figure, a pure flamenco voice and recognized by the artists. He was one of the four elected during the "Llave de Oro" singing competition in Cordoba, in 1962. A singer...

    Price: 9.90 € (11.61 USD)
  • Ladies flamenco outfits: mod. Naranjo 467.25€ #501156791A Ref.: 501156791A

    Ladies flamenco outfits: mod. Naranjo

    In Flamencoexport's catalogue we have flamenco dresses, which are a prestigious symbol among the most demanding clientele.In Flamencoexport's workshop, sewing has always been a job reserved for the expert hand, a skill able to transform dressmaking into passion for flamenco. Flamenco Costumes with sleeves ending above the elbow finished in two large ruffles.One printed outside and inside with...

    Price: 467.25 € (547.86 USD)
  • Rociera costume for children mod. Naranjos 168.00€ #501152436/2441-0 Ref.: 501152436/2441-0

    Rociera costume for children mod. Naranjos

    The bata rociera can be mistaken for the flamenco costume, but it is different. It is a dress for working, travelling or walking, because it is the one that is used for the pilgrimage to the Rocío, a religious pilgrimage, at least in its origins. It must be comfortable for walking and horse-riding, which is why it is simpler than the flamenco costume. It cannot have too many ruffles, and the...

    Price: 168.00 € (196.98 USD)
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