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  • Morente Flamenco en directo. Enrique Morente 18.50€ #50112UN609 Ref.: 50112UN609

    Morente Flamenco en directo. Enrique Morente

    Available from November 24. Live disc from Enrique Morente on the Spanish market, accompanied by the "toque" of Juan and Pepe Habichuela, Rafael Riqueni, David Cerreduela and Juan José Suárez "Paquete!. You will find the best of Morente playing the most authentic palos of this kind of music; Soleares, Serranas, Malagueñas, Granainas, Alegrias, Tientos, Tangos and Bulerias. Enrique offers a...

    Price: 18.50 € (21.70 USD)
  • Flamenco Inheritance. Kontratiempo CD + DVD 13.55€ #50080931076 Ref.: 50080931076

    Flamenco Inheritance. Kontratiempo CD + DVD

    ANA MORALES MORENO. At 15 year old she moved to Seville to be part of the workshop DAC "ANDALUZA DANCE COMPANY", debuted professionally in the theater with ANTONIO "EL PIPA", in the Biennial of the 2000, in the espectacle who called "PUNTALES". Since year 2001 until 2004 she is CAD body of dance. In 2005 participates in the movies "Iberia" by Carlos Saura, under the choreographic direction of...

    Price: 13.55 € (15.89 USD)
  • Angelillo. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080421812 Ref.: 50080421812

    Angelillo. 2CDS

    Angelillo singed all kind of rhythms and he is a pretty good singer. It is worth your while to discover Angelillo or to enjoy his spendid voice and his way to sing. He has also song and recorded a lot of soleares, seguiriyas, malagueñas, tarantas, mineras, murcianas, saetas, verdiales, etc. successfully. And of course all the range of american songs. Accompanied on the guitar by Ramón Montoya,...

    Price: 7.95 € (9.33 USD)
  • El Niño de Marchena. Book 7.90€ #50588EXT9700 Ref.: 50588EXT9700

    El Niño de Marchena. Book

    ''In el Niño de Marchena, with crystal clear purity of  spring serrano, it’s the  inexhaustible of the true andalusian song without the obstacles which make them small  by including it in the small songbooks''. Like that, Manuel de Falla was talking about Pepe Marchena, whose life, art and songs are gathered in this facsimile of the first edition of the collection ''Figures of the...

    Price: 7.90 € (9.27 USD)
  • Very new songbook erotic-sentimental and flamenco. Book 9.50€ #50588EXT9427 Ref.: 50588EXT9427

    Very new songbook erotic-sentimental and flamenco. Book

    The current facsimile collects the very Novice songbook erótic-sentimental and flamenco of Juan Manuel Villén, a complete synopsis of malagueñas, peteneras, rondeñas, soleares and fandangos. ''Many centuries ago, they have been writing and publishing; there is no thinking, thought, accident neither possible success in the human life that have not been described in songs by the way of...

    Price: 9.50 € (11.14 USD)
  • New verses. Nuevas coplas 16.20€ #50588EXT0887 Ref.: 50588EXT0887

    New verses. Nuevas coplas

    Narciso Díaz de Escoyar, erudite, dramatic author, poet, lawyer and journalist from Malaga, gathers in this work, printed for the first time in Barcelona in 1917, a selection of his songs, mainly of malagueñas, peteneras, soleares, seguidillas, granadinas, percheleras and gitaneras that had best acceptance at that time: ''Those couplets I don’t know how they were within the reach of the...

    Price: 16.20 € (19.00 USD)
  • Figures of Cante Jondo- Juan Pérez Sánchez ''Canalejas'' 7.90€ #50588EXT9694 Ref.: 50588EXT9694

    Figures of Cante Jondo- Juan Pérez Sánchez ''Canalejas''

    Capital figure of the flamenca opera, the songwriter gaditano Juan Pérez Sánchez ''Canalejas' is paid homage in this work, first edition of the figure collection of cante jondo, not only for his triumph but also for recovering the health after a car accident. Its large repertoire consists of fandanguillos, malagueñas, campanilleros, tarantas, soleares and gypsy seguiriyas composed by Canalejas...

    Price: 7.90 € (9.27 USD)
  • Querencia - Mayte Martín 19.55€ #50515EMI254 Ref.: 50515EMI254

    Querencia - Mayte Martín

    It's not like Mayte Martín releases many albums, but the ones he does come out with much class and viewpoint. En his new album we may find cantes that are common in his repertoire but had not been taken to the studio until now (Peteneras,la Cabal del Pena, Cantiñas de Pinini, Malagueñas, etc.). In addition, it restores Vidalita, in a much more flamenco format yet without excess. It also treats...

    Price: 19.55 € (22.93 USD)
  • David Leiva. Flamenco dance and sing method with its accompaniment (Voice or guitar) Vol. 4 + Cd 21.15€ #50489ML3174 Ref.: 50489ML3174

    David Leiva. Flamenco dance and sing method with its accompaniment (Voice or guitar) Vol. 4 + Cd

    This fourth volume of the flamenco sing method and its accompaniment collects all the basic melodic lines and traditional dance structures in score, written for two voices: sing and flamenco guitar (note and number). In the sing voice is configured a melodic example of traditional lyrics and its characteristic accents, meanwhile the guitar voice carries out an accompaniment example which includes...

    Price: 21.15 € (24.80 USD)
  • The guitar in the flamenco - Rogelio Reguera - Scores 12.50€ #50490G277 Ref.: 50490G277

    The guitar in the flamenco - Rogelio Reguera - Scores

    With these lessons of ''The guitar in the flamenco'', the author is setting out to publish the learning and the most fundamental preparation for those who are interested in the Flamenco Music. This scores book contents:Text: Flamenco, digitación, rasguero, el trémolo, el golpe, exercises of rasguero, falseta, farruca,…Music: Farruca, Sevillanas I, II, III, IV, Granadinas, Malagueñas,...

    Price: 12.50 € (14.66 USD)
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