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  • Hasta aquí hemos llegado. Los Chichos 20.50€ #50112UN585 Ref.: 50112UN585

    Hasta aquí hemos llegado. Los Chichos

    Since 1973... During these 35 years, Los Chichos have turned into a Spanish icon, a brand or more, a monument, such as the Osborne bull or "Las Ventas" square. During three decades Los Chichos went with the Spaniards everywhere: on Holidays, in parties, in the good moments but also in the bad ones...They overcame the trends, the governments... with simplicity, since today, with this tribute CD:...

    Price: 20.50 € (24.04 USD)
  • Jeros para siempre 8.90€ #50112UN387 Ref.: 50112UN387

    Jeros para siempre

    More than one hour with the music of Jeros y los Chichos.

    Price: 8.90 € (10.44 USD)
  • Cabibi. Los Chichos 19.95€ #50112UN155 Ref.: 50112UN155

    Cabibi. Los Chichos

    'Cabibi' : Vuelve el sonido de Los Chichos.Los Chichos' new album seems to have been built in the same place where there are those who work for a more honorable city and a society where shadows and sirens put people in suspense every two minutes. In the oppossite direction of violence and social inequality, Los Chichos release this album with beautiful songs in the midsts of noises of engines,...

    Price: 19.95 € (23.40 USD)
  • Ladrón de Amores. Los Chichos 13.65€ #50112UN320 Ref.: 50112UN320

    Ladrón de Amores. Los Chichos

    Ladrón de amores is Los Chichos' first album in ten years. Los Chichos, one of the most succesfull groups in Spain and of the rumba genre, release this new effort with 10 new songs. 'Ladrón de Amores' is the first diana of an with lyrics drawing from past years of rumba and music similar to rumba pieces from Los Chichos in the 70's. For this release, the brothers crossed the Atlantic in search...

    Price: 13.65 € (16.01 USD)
  • Para que tu lo bailes. Los Chichos 10.50€ #50112UN109 Ref.: 50112UN109

    Para que tu lo bailes. Los Chichos

    Its music is a contemporary version of Gypsy rumba with lyrics that reflect on urban life.

    Price: 10.50 € (12.32 USD)
  • Bailaras con alegria. Los Chichos 9.45€ #50112UN121 Ref.: 50112UN121

    Bailaras con alegria. Los Chichos

    The 1981 release 'Bailarás con alegría' was titled after one of the tracks on the album. In addition, the track, was one of the band's most popular ones.

    Price: 9.45 € (11.09 USD)
  • Yo, el Vaquilla (b.s.o) 8.40€ #50112UN125 Ref.: 50112UN125

    Yo, el Vaquilla (b.s.o)

    This 1985 release is the sountrack to José Antonio de la Loma's film about the life of some adloscent delinquents better known in Spain. Los Chichos served up an unmatchable soundtrack to the film. In his autobiography, El Vaquilla said:'When we went to play golf we always played its music in stolen cars. Even so, sometimes we would go looking for a car and if it didn't have a cassete player we...

    Price: 8.40 € (9.85 USD)
  • Autenticos 29.40€ #50113SME89 Ref.: 50113SME89


    The best selling artists, those who have stood out on the sales listings singing in spanish, are put together in this three disc album. The first two discs are mostly rumba rhythm with important artists from Spain and in the third disc there are emblematic songs and artists.

    Price: 29.40 € (34.48 USD)
  • Pitingo. Soulería. Nueva Edición 17.98€ #50112UN591 Ref.: 50112UN591

    Pitingo. Soulería. Nueva Edición

    Pitingo y el guitarrista Juan Carmona (fundador del grupo Ketama) como estrellas principales proponen una insólita fusión entre pop, flamenco, soul y góspel. Reedición del disco de Pitingo 'Souleria' con exitosas adaptaciones como la de 'I Will Survive', 'Every Breath Yo Take' y 'Cuéntame' o un homenaje a Los Chichos con la canción 'Ella se vendrá detrás de mi'. Además incluye una...

    Price: 17.98 € (21.08 USD)
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