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  • La leyenda del tiempo - Camaron de la Isla 11.50€ #50112UN37 Ref.: 50112UN37

    La leyenda del tiempo - Camaron de la Isla

    La Leyenda del Tiempo is one of the best pure Flamenco crossovers where Camarón opens one more different path for creating and enjyoing this genre. In this album only some elements of rock are intertwined with the more consistent Flamenco in Bulerías, soleares, etc. In his day, Camarón said 'The closest I have ever recorded to rock has been 'La leyenda del tiempo,' in it i took a chance and...

    Price: 11.50 € (13.49 USD)
  • Pequeño salvaje. Kiko Veneno 12.45€ #50511BMG308 Ref.: 50511BMG308

    Pequeño salvaje. Kiko Veneno

    An album where Kiko transitions, it contains a jeweles like 'Y yo lucho'.

    Price: 12.45 € (14.60 USD)
  • Autenticos 29.40€ #50113SME89 Ref.: 50113SME89


    The best selling artists, those who have stood out on the sales listings singing in spanish, are put together in this three disc album. The first two discs are mostly rumba rhythm with important artists from Spain and in the third disc there are emblematic songs and artists.

    Price: 29.40 € (34.48 USD)
  • Raimundo Amador.Noche de flamenco y blues (en directo) 11.55€ #50112UN22 Ref.: 50112UN22

    Raimundo Amador.Noche de flamenco y blues (en directo)

    'Noche de Flamenco y Blues', was recorded live at the Plaza de Toros Las Ventas, Madrid, on 29th July 1998 before a packed audience that enjoyed over two hours of non-stop music. Raimundo Amador, former member of the legandary flamenco band Pata Negra, had on the reigning king of the blues, BB King, his very special guest for the night. Among other guests were Kiko Veneno, Remedios Amaya, Charo...

    Price: 11.55 € (13.55 USD)
  • La familia pollo. Kiko Veneno. CD 13.65€ #50511BMG302 Ref.: 50511BMG302

    La familia pollo. Kiko Veneno. CD

    In this, his first album recorded in Sevilla, the acoustic guitar is important, especially considering he hadn't used in any previous recordings, along with new drum rhythms making 'La Familia Pollo' an album with more variety. La Familia Pollo is Kiko Veneno at his best, telling stories of daily life. His music travels through Catalan rumba, Cuba, African and Brasil with a personal and...

    Price: 13.65 € (16.01 USD)
  • Esta muy bien eso del cariño. Kiko Veneno. CD 13.65€ #50511BMG303 Ref.: 50511BMG303

    Esta muy bien eso del cariño. Kiko Veneno. CD

    Ever since he started the band 'Veneno', Kiko Veneno has been considered the pioneer of pop-flamenco fusion.

    Price: 13.65 € (16.01 USD)
  • Echate un cantecito. Kiko Veneno. CD 13.65€ #50511BMG304 Ref.: 50511BMG304

    Echate un cantecito. Kiko Veneno. CD

    This is an indispensable album to understand the evolution of New flamenco. An exquisite combination of lyricism and everyday circumstances, which Kiko's voice turns into poetry.

    Price: 13.65 € (16.01 USD)
  • Mundo Amador - Raimundo Amador 16.75€ #50112UN560 Ref.: 50112UN560

    Mundo Amador - Raimundo Amador

     Raimundo Amador is one of the artists who has worked together with all kinds of artists, both at a national and international level. As a guitarist, he has tackled several genres and although his roots lie in flamenco, his love for blues has always been especially important. This record is a compilation of some of the great songs that he has recorded with flamenco artists like Tomatito,...

    Price: 16.75 € (19.64 USD)
  • Isla menor - Raimundo Amador 18.90€ #50112UN325 Ref.: 50112UN325

    Isla menor - Raimundo Amador

    Raimundo boasts himself that on this Cd, he combines 'more rock & more flamenco than ever'. The 10 songs are all produced by Fernando Illán, but amoung them are songs written by Pulgar, Kiko Veneno, Santiado Auserón and Los Delincuentes, among others.'Isla Menor', whose title is a tribute to Raimundo's house in Sevilla, includes important contributions from: Antonio Carmona, who sings a...

    Price: 18.90 € (22.17 USD)
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