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  • b.s.o. sevillanas 7.25€ #50112UN64 Ref.: 50112UN64

    b.s.o. sevillanas

    On January 1992 the filming for the movie 'Sevillanas' came to an end. The movie was on the world of the danza and was released on January 28th of the same year. The film is graced by guitarrists Manolo Sanlúcar and Paco de Lucía, and Camarón de la Isla, Rocío Jurado and Lola Flore. It showcased on September 9th in the XLIX Mostra de Cine de Venecia under the experimental category 'Ventana...

    Price: 7.25 € (8.51 USD)
  • Fandango from Huelva Anthology 12.55€ #50112UN400 Ref.: 50112UN400

    Fandango from Huelva Anthology

    This cd is the summary of the best flamenco of the history. You will find the very first tittles of many flamenco stars, and the last witnesses of the flamenco masters of the XX century.Four flamenco generations or a little art story.

    Price: 12.55 € (14.72 USD)
  • La calle perdía - Arcangel 19.85€ #50113ES420 Ref.: 50113ES420

    La calle perdía - Arcangel

    'La calle perdía' is his second disc and the title of the fandangos de Huelva after which the record is named, although Arcángel does not limit himself to the styles from the land where he was born. In this, his second album, listeners will find rumba, tangos, alegrías, bulerías, soleá and malagueñas, as well as a song in free-style. Juan Carlos Romero accompanies him with his guitar, and...

    Price: 19.85 € (23.28 USD)
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