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  • Learn How to Play the Flamenco (Book/CD) By David Leiva. Musical Score 23.08€ #50489MB701 Ref.: 50489MB701

    Learn How to Play the Flamenco (Book/CD) By David Leiva. Musical Score

    'Learn how to play the Flamenco''. Flamenco Guitar by David Leiva. Score Flamenco has crossed borders toreach the entire world,being admired and respected by musicians and amateurs from all over the world. This new method of flamenco guitar created by David Leiva is not only for self-taught but also a novel guide for flamenco schools and conservatories. The book covers all the main styles such...

    Price: 23.08 € (27.07 USD)
  • Morente Flamenco en directo. Enrique Morente 18.50€ #50112UN609 Ref.: 50112UN609

    Morente Flamenco en directo. Enrique Morente

    Available from November 24. Live disc from Enrique Morente on the Spanish market, accompanied by the "toque" of Juan and Pepe Habichuela, Rafael Riqueni, David Cerreduela and Juan José Suárez "Paquete!. You will find the best of Morente playing the most authentic palos of this kind of music; Soleares, Serranas, Malagueñas, Granainas, Alegrias, Tientos, Tangos and Bulerias. Enrique offers a...

    Price: 18.50 € (21.70 USD)
  • Como Soy (CD+DVD). Jerónimo Maya 33.83€ #5048950489CDCOMOSOY Ref.: 5048950489CDCOMOSOY

    Como Soy (CD+DVD). Jerónimo Maya

    The songs on this new CD of Jeronimo Maya are all authentic flamenco of the most genuine style Caño Roto in addition to a variety of flamenco as Tangos, Alegrías, Bulerías, Granainas, Mineras, Soleas, Zambras and Rumbas. This musically and technically complex style is unique to the gypsy neighborhood of Madrid, where the largest concentration of most important flamenco...

    Price: 33.83 € (39.67 USD)
  • Guadiana Ref.: 50489DVD-NOCHES04

    Guadiana "Esencia", dance, guitar and cante (vocals)

    "Esencia" . This is the title of a show recorded live in one of the most traditional flamenco tablaos in the whole of Spain: Casa Patas. Musicians: Guadiana - canteDavid Cerreduela - guitarPol Vaquero - danceIván Losada - guitarLucky Losada - cajónPedro Jiménez - piano Themes featured: 1.- “Que te olvidara” - Granaína Guadiana, CanteDavid Cerreduela, Guitar 2.- “Tierra...

    Price: 23.97 € (28.11 USD)
  • Canastera - Camaron de la Isla 12.55€ #50112UN63 Ref.: 50112UN63

    Canastera - Camaron de la Isla

    'Canastera' seems to show the most experimental sides of these two flamenco virtuosos. It coincided temporarily with the flamenco 'duende' of Paco de Lucía (1972) y reflects the sound of that time with echoes and rever effects. It starts with an attempt at creating Cante, 'La Canastera', with a chorus that brings back the memories of the copla 'Ojos Verdes', originally written by Valverde, León...

    Price: 12.55 € (14.72 USD)
  • Pitingo. Soulería. Nueva Edición 17.98€ #50112UN591 Ref.: 50112UN591

    Pitingo. Soulería. Nueva Edición

    Pitingo y el guitarrista Juan Carmona (fundador del grupo Ketama) como estrellas principales proponen una insólita fusión entre pop, flamenco, soul y góspel. Reedición del disco de Pitingo 'Souleria' con exitosas adaptaciones como la de 'I Will Survive', 'Every Breath Yo Take' y 'Cuéntame' o un homenaje a Los Chichos con la canción 'Ella se vendrá detrás de mi'. Además incluye una...

    Price: 17.98 € (21.08 USD)
  • Soulería by Pitingo - CD+DVD 17.98€ #50112UN575 Ref.: 50112UN575

    Soulería by Pitingo - CD+DVD

    ''Soulería'' stared by Pitingo and Juan Carmona, proposes an insolite fusion between the pop, flamenco, soul and gospel with the emerged singer Pitingo and the guitarist Juan Carmona (founder of the group Ketama) as principal stars. ''Soulería'' supposes a daring mix of flamenco traditional track (trilla, granaína and fandango) and the succes of Bob Marley, The Beatles, Police, Otis Redding,...

    Price: 17.98 € (21.08 USD)
  • El Niño de Marchena. Book 7.90€ #50588EXT9700 Ref.: 50588EXT9700

    El Niño de Marchena. Book

    ''In el Niño de Marchena, with crystal clear purity of  spring serrano, it’s the  inexhaustible of the true andalusian song without the obstacles which make them small  by including it in the small songbooks''. Like that, Manuel de Falla was talking about Pepe Marchena, whose life, art and songs are gathered in this facsimile of the first edition of the collection ''Figures of the...

    Price: 7.90 € (9.27 USD)
  • Hechizo by Oscar Herrero. CD 10.17€ #50079-CD001 Ref.: 50079-CD001

    Hechizo by Oscar Herrero. CD

    Hechizo. cd by Oscar Herrero, including the following pieces: Ambar de Primavera - Tangos. Los Portales - Solea por Buleria. Tornasol - Granaina. Algarabia - Buleria. Mimosa - Farruca. Paraiso - Rumba. 28 de junio - Nana. Espejo - Siguiriya.

    Price: 10.17 € (11.93 USD)
  • Visual Method for the flamenco Guitar Vol.3 in Dvd by Manuel Granados 23.14€ #50489DVA013 Ref.: 50489DVA013

    Visual Method for the flamenco Guitar Vol.3 in Dvd by Manuel Granados

    The Visual Method for Flamenco Guitar is the first interactive and multicamera method for flamenco guitar. This method counts 3 volumes, revising the styles and the specific technique of this instrument.Thanks to the "Vision angle" tool you will be able to choose, at any time, the most interesting shot: the master shot (angle 1), left hand shot (angle 2), right hand shot (angle 3), you'll also...

    Price: 23.14 € (27.14 USD)
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