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  • Martirio - Coleccion Nuevos Medios - 10.35€ #50509NM467 Ref.: 50509NM467

    Martirio - Coleccion Nuevos Medios -

    Maribel Quiñones (Huelva 1954) was an ex-nurse, married young and soon separated, who decided to tell her story in songs using the poetic style of the copla of the 40's and 50's. She also designed her highly personal wardrobe. Thus Martirio was born, the representation of the new Spanish woman, enamoured of tradition but resolved to enter into the modern world with the solidity of the taconeo of...

    Price: 10.35 € (12.14 USD)
  • Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco 9.90€ #50535AD522 Ref.: 50535AD522

    Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco

    Original recordings from the 30. Juan Varea. He was not Andalusian or gipsy but a real Flamenco. Juanito Varea left us a large discography including all the famous "palos" of the flamenco music. He is considered as a traditional figure, a pure flamenco voice and recognized by the artists. He was one of the four elected during the "Llave de Oro" singing competition in Cordoba, in 1962. A singer...

    Price: 9.90 € (11.61 USD)
  • Manuel Vallejo - Cante Flamenco 9.90€ #50535AD528 Ref.: 50535AD528

    Manuel Vallejo - Cante Flamenco

    This cd contains original recordings from the 30. Manuel Vallejo, great singer, amazing interpret, he was able to sing every style but there was a great demand for fandangos in the 30. He also was an excellent "siguiriyero" and exceptionnal por bulerias, even if was not a real gipsy. He was also a great dancer.

    Price: 9.90 € (11.61 USD)
  • Gitano 27.25€ #50497FN11 Ref.: 50497FN11


    Plot: After two years in jail for a crime he did not commit, Andrés Heredia gets back his freedome. His only goal is to start a new life and forget everything past. However, hate, grudges and thirst for vengance for his family put him against the dark reasons that sent him to jail... and the woman that betrayed him. Genre: DramaLength: 102 minutesBonus materialInteractive menus, Direct access to...

    Price: 27.25 € (31.96 USD)
  • Burlerías. Tino Di Geraldo. CD 17.32€ #50509NM437 Ref.: 50509NM437

    Burlerías. Tino Di Geraldo. CD

    Tino Di Geraldo is in this album ‘Bulerias’ an inventor and a researcher. His work system consists in doing spontaneous music and interpretations. In his albums, you will find an authentic flavour of buleria.

    Price: 17.32 € (20.31 USD)
  • digitano 15.95€ #50113CM201 Ref.: 50113CM201


    Digital music at the service of Flamenco. Digitano is the last digital frontier of electronic rhythms serving, what is probably, the most beautiful music in the world, Flamenco. Digitano is a joyful and unedited musical territory, which is the brain-child of DJ Juanjo Valmorisco in his gypsy room packed with computers, digital technology and the best artists: Flamencos, Payos, Gypsies and...

    Price: 15.95 € (18.71 USD)
  • Nights in Casa Patas 'Suena Flamenco' - Dvd 23.97€ #50489DVD-NOCHES03 Ref.: 50489DVD-NOCHES03

    Nights in Casa Patas 'Suena Flamenco' - Dvd

    Baile: Susi Parra, Rosana Romero y Mara Martínez. Cante: Jonhy Cortés y Antonio "El Ciervo". Toque: Pino Losada y Basilio García. Violin: David Moreira. Cajón: Diego Álvarez "El Negro.This is an anthology of Flamenco in its most pure stage where baile, cante and toque are shown in different palos. The result is an image of flamenco roots fused with a fresh and contemporary breath. Performed...

    Price: 23.97 € (28.11 USD)
  • Live Flamenco. Casa Patas (Flamenco en Vivo. Casa Patas) 10.66€ #50489RGB-CD009 Ref.: 50489RGB-CD009

    Live Flamenco. Casa Patas (Flamenco en Vivo. Casa Patas)

    Live recording at "Tablao Casa Patas".Most of the themes have been performance for accompanied the dance. For that reason this CD is very interesting for dance as well. Themes:1. Agua que enamora/Tangos2. Cante popular/Bulerías3. En tu ausencia/Soleá4. Zirigallos/Fandangos5. Fin de fiesta por Bulerías6. A mi Mario/Soleá7. Luna y sal/Alegrías8. Al Galope/Martinete9. Suena...

    Price: 10.66 € (12.50 USD)
  • Flamenco Inheritance Melancholy CD + DVD 13.55€ #50080931168 Ref.: 50080931168

    Flamenco Inheritance Melancholy CD + DVD

    Manuel García Serrano is "LoLo", was born in Huelva, of gypsy parents. It is formed as an artist, since the 14 years old working for most tablaos of the country. As well he says "I sing and dance"  because he has necessity to make it, to express everything he feels and because it is his form to live and to feel the heat of the public. An artist with a unique live, full of nuances and a lot of...

    Price: 13.55 € (15.89 USD)
  • Flamensoul 5.95€ #50999T14559 Ref.: 50999T14559


    Really just a pop-rumba/Spanish ballad group, and not any worse than the next if you put it in that bin. There is a bit of electric guitar here and there, which presumably is the "soul" element, but it's negligible. Maybe they meant 'sol'.Articles on sale, untill end of stock.

    Price: 5.95 € (6.98 USD)
  • Paseo a Dos. Dorantes y Renaud García - Fons 15.80€ #50113FN701 Ref.: 50113FN701

    Paseo a Dos. Dorantes y Renaud García - Fons

    Paseo a dos is the result of a long term collaboration between Dorantes and the French bass guitarist Renaud García-Fons. The work was presented for the first time at the last Bienal de Flamenco, where the artists received excellent reviews. This album was recorded live at Dorante’s studio in the Aljarafe.

    Price: 15.80 € (18.53 USD)
  • 12 Canciones de Garcia Lorca para guitarra - Paco de Lucia 11.50€ #50112UN52 Ref.: 50112UN52

    12 Canciones de Garcia Lorca para guitarra - Paco de Lucia

    Paco de Lucía was only eighteen when he recorded this album next to Ricardo Modrgo. Here he does the arrangements and plays songs compiled in the 20's by Federico García Lorca, leaving his first footprints on a road that would eventually transformed him into one of the greates creators and contemporary flamenco perfomers. Ricardo Montenegro toured several times with Paco de Lucía between...

    Price: 11.50 € (13.49 USD)
  • Sara Baras: Mariana Pineda basada en una obra de Federico García Lorca. (dvd-Pal) 23.10€ #50113SME329 Ref.: 50113SME329

    Sara Baras: Mariana Pineda basada en una obra de Federico García Lorca. (dvd-Pal)

    'MARIANA PINEDA, DE SARA BARAS Y SU BALLET FLAMENCO'In a superior performance of both Flamenco Ballet and Sara Baras art the version of MARIANA PINEDA is magnificent.Mariana Pineda held in her hands, not to to defeat but to die for at a gallows, two weapons, love and freedom, that constantly stabbed her in the heart. Garcia Lorca wrote these words hours before the Buenos Aires release of this...

    Price: 23.10 € (27.09 USD)
  • Hasta aquí hemos llegado. Los Chichos 20.50€ #50112UN585 Ref.: 50112UN585

    Hasta aquí hemos llegado. Los Chichos

    Since 1973... During these 35 years, Los Chichos have turned into a Spanish icon, a brand or more, a monument, such as the Osborne bull or "Las Ventas" square. During three decades Los Chichos went with the Spaniards everywhere: on Holidays, in parties, in the good moments but also in the bad ones...They overcame the trends, the governments... with simplicity, since today, with this tribute CD:...

    Price: 20.50 € (24.04 USD)
  • La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal 29.35€ #50535AD341 Ref.: 50535AD341

    La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal

    The most temperamental, tragic and passionate figure in flamenco dancing was also capable of expressing the captivating emotion of the gypsy race as a cantaora (flamenco singer). An essential pack with spectacular images and hard to find footage of the biggest legend of flamenco dance. Including images from most of her filmography: Short films from the 40's and also scenes from the movies 'Maria...

    Price: 29.35 € (34.42 USD)
  • Carmen Sevilla. Grandes Exitos. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080424189 Ref.: 50080424189

    Carmen Sevilla. Grandes Exitos. 2CDS

    Double cd, Best of Carmen Sevilla, including all her discography and greatest hits after 24 years of singing.Carmen Sevilla, one of the most beautiful and nicest woman among the Spanish profession, Maria del Carmen Garcia Galisteo showed a deep talent singing and dancing. At twelve years old she already triumphs together with Paquita Rico and Ana Esmeralda, on stage with Rapsodia in Spanish. Her...

    Price: 7.95 € (9.33 USD)
  • De Estética Flamenca by Agustín Gómez 10.00€ #5007188944825 Ref.: 5007188944825

    De Estética Flamenca by Agustín Gómez

    The book speaks about the origins of flamenco, about its relation with the cultural movements and with the plastic arts, with the bullfighting and with the big poets like García Lorca or the great musicians as Manuel de Falla, speech of the cyclical evolution of flamenco and about how through flamenco, historical reality and the social injustice are expressing, it also speaks about Franconeti,...

    Price: 10.00 € (11.73 USD)
  • La calle del aire - Estrella Morente 12.45€ #50515EMI169 Ref.: 50515EMI169

    La calle del aire - Estrella Morente

    'Calle del aire' shows, once again, that the quality of the voice of Estrella Morent is totally out of question. Her maturity and sensibility make this new flamenco record a unique piece that only and extraordinary cantaor can match. Having waited for so long for her debut, it comes as a surprise the release of two albums in one year. Calle del Aire is a an album with a Christmas flair made up of...

    Price: 12.45 € (14.60 USD)
  • Our Coplas / The World I dreamed about (Pack 2 X 1)- Pastora Soler 15.50€ #50112UN571 Ref.: 50112UN571

    Our Coplas / The World I dreamed about (Pack 2 X 1)- Pastora Soler

    Pastora Soler, pack of cd’s ''Our coplas'' and ''The world i dreamed about''. Two essential records of Pastora Soler at the price of one. These ''coplas', 'our coplas' sing once more from the Pastora Soler voice. This one, his first record ''Our coplas'' with ten topics as popular as ''Triniá'', ''Romance of the queen María de las Mercedes'', ''Cape of grana and Gold'' amongst other. All...

    Price: 15.50 € (18.18 USD)
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