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  • Por solea 12.05€ #50515EMI245 Ref.: 50515EMI245

    Por solea

    'Por Soleá' is a compilation of the best flamenco cantaores. Cantaores like: Enrique Morente, José el de la Tomasa, Indio Gitano, Inés Bacán, Tomatito, Dieguito El Cigala, Dorantes, Manuel Soto Sordera, Fernanda de Utrera, Pericón de Cádiz, Aurelio Sellés, Juan el de la Vara, Gabriel Moreno and Manolo Vargas. On guitar: Félix de Utrera, Pedro Peña, Antonio Moya, Paquete, Melchor de...

    Price: 12.05 € (14.09 USD)
  • El Flamenco es universal 15.55€ #50112UN56 Ref.: 50112UN56

    El Flamenco es universal

    This double CD puts together 34 flamenco artists. A compilation like few given the high quality of the performing artists, the songs, and the wide variety of styles. From Fosforito in 1957 to the virtuoso Tomatito in 2001, spanning over 50 years of Flamenco history.

    Price: 15.55 € (18.19 USD)
  • Quejio, seleccion - Enrique Morente 11.25€ #50515EMI212 Ref.: 50515EMI212

    Quejio, seleccion - Enrique Morente

    Selección summarizes the five discs he recorded with Hispavox, between 1967 and 1977, a decade brimming with discoveries. Few figures has flamenco given birth to with as much aptitude fore creativity as Enrique Morente.

    Price: 11.25 € (13.16 USD)
  • Homenaje al Niño Ricardo in Memoriam (Republication) 10.45€ #50112UN412 Ref.: 50112UN412

    Homenaje al Niño Ricardo in Memoriam (Republication)

    Untill the arrival of Paco de Lucia, all the guitar player were following el Niño Ricardo. When he died, in 1972, his friends did this album as a tribute to Niño Ricardo.

    Price: 10.45 € (12.22 USD)
  • El flamenco es universal vol. 1 12.45€ #50112UN371 Ref.: 50112UN371

    El flamenco es universal vol. 1

    In this cd 'El Flamenco es universal vol. 1' have a variety of artists, of styles and of stages in flamenco in a compilation that covers almost half a century of the history of flamenco through the performances of great flamenco singers and high-quality guitarists, ranging from the most classical ones to the most recent ones.

    Price: 12.45 € (14.56 USD)
  • Pericon - Pericón de Cádiz 12.05€ #50515EMI277 Ref.: 50515EMI277

    Pericon - Pericón de Cádiz

    A re-release of the 1972 recording. Cante: Pericón de Cádiz. Guitars: Félix de Utrera.Besides being an important cantaor, Pericón has been a fountain of Andaluz grace to the flamenco world.

    Price: 12.05 € (14.09 USD)
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