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  • Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Juan Peña 'El Lebrijano' 8.90€ #50112UN159 Ref.: 50112UN159

    Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Juan Peña 'El Lebrijano'

    The truth is that El Lebrijano releases albums that have a special touch to them, they reflect a series of ideas and different feelings. With his beautiful and round voice he had a tone and knowledge that allowed him to study and interpret with mastery many different styles. He understood that it was necessary to give flamenco a broader musical spectrum, that way it would be easeier for it to...

    Price: 8.90 € (10.44 USD)
  • El Flamenco es universal 15.55€ #50112UN56 Ref.: 50112UN56

    El Flamenco es universal

    This double CD puts together 34 flamenco artists. A compilation like few given the high quality of the performing artists, the songs, and the wide variety of styles. From Fosforito in 1957 to the virtuoso Tomatito in 2001, spanning over 50 years of Flamenco history.

    Price: 15.55 € (18.24 USD)
  • When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet 16.95€ #50113DA578 Ref.: 50113DA578

    When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet

    Some day, the colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez said this from him: ‘’When Lebrijano sings, water gets wet’’. For his 50 years of career, the master from Lebrija wants to settle in the poetic way by dedicating his cd number 35 to the large and awarded work of the brilliant Colombian.    This is the discographic work number 35 for the 50 years of Juan Peña artistic career and...

    Price: 16.95 € (19.88 USD)
  • Mondo flamenco 22.05€ #50113ER88 Ref.: 50113ER88

    Mondo flamenco

    An ilustrative journey through the new flamenco trends and fusions with troipcal, pop, new age, blues and jazz. Artists include names like Paco de Lucía, José Mercé, Camarón, Pata Negra, Ketama, Dorantes, Tomatito, Enrique Morente, Remedios Amaya, Lebrijano, among others. Length: 60'15".

    Price: 22.05 € (25.86 USD)
  • Sueños en el aire 18.85€ #50113ES177 Ref.: 50113ES177

    Sueños en el aire

    This is Juan Peña's, El Lebrijano, 33 release under the title Sueños en el aire. Juan Peña 'El Lebrijano,' makes his debut with the Senador label with 'Sueños del aire,' an album that carries on with previous experimentations and risks that characterize this cantaor's previous works. In this new piece, for example, he collaborated with the Bulgarian Gypsies by recording a version of the...

    Price: 18.85 € (22.11 USD)
  • Flamenco Vivo 7.35€ #50112DV42 Ref.: 50112DV42

    Flamenco Vivo

    A compilation of the greatest artists of all times such as Paco de Lucia, Porrina de Badajoz, El Lebrijano, Naranjito de triana, Duquende con Manzanita, Ana Reverte, José el de la Tomasa, El Turronero, Manolo Sanlucar , El Cabrero, Parrita and many others.

    Price: 7.35 € (8.62 USD)
  • Puertas abiertas: El Lebrijano & Faiçal 17.75€ #50113ES496 Ref.: 50113ES496

    Puertas abiertas: El Lebrijano & Faiçal

    ''Puertas abiertas'' is the new record by Juan Peña El Lebrijano. On this occasion, he once again gets close to Andalusí and Arabic music after having previously recorded these genres in records like ''Encuentros''.

    Price: 17.75 € (20.82 USD)
  • Pa Saber de flamenco 1 9.90€ #50112UN01 Ref.: 50112UN01

    Pa Saber de flamenco 1

    This album holds together recordings by important figures of cante such as Camarón de la Isla, Paco de Lucía, Bambino or Carmen Linares.It is a compilation of a medley of of styles with recordings from recent years. La Leyenda del Tiempo, Camarón's legendary album and one of the major landmarks in the history of flamenco, is where Pa Saber de Flamenco starts off. It's about a tool to be used...

    Price: 9.90 € (11.61 USD)
  • Encuentro - El Lebrijano 13.65€ #50511BMG176 Ref.: 50511BMG176

    Encuentro - El Lebrijano

    'Encuentro.' This album is an attempt to creat a meeting point between Flamencos and Magrebíes in order to create a common ground. El Lebrijana has achieved the most commercial success through these hybrids with an collaboration album with the Orquesta Andalusí of Tánger.

    Price: 13.65 € (16.01 USD)
  • Flamenco singers anthology 23.10€ #50112UN108 Ref.: 50112UN108

    Flamenco singers anthology

    ''Antología cantaores del flamenco'' consists of 2 discs with the following artits: Rafael Romero, Paco Toronjo, El Lebrijano, Caracol, Turronero, Maria la Perrata, La Paquera, Porrinas, Terremoto, Fosforito, El Chato de la Isla, Luis de Cordoba Antonio el Sevillano and Antonio Mairena.

    Price: 23.10 € (27.09 USD)
  • El Lebrijano con Manolo Sanlúcar y Pedro Peña (Republication) 10.45€ #50112UN413 Ref.: 50112UN413

    El Lebrijano con Manolo Sanlúcar y Pedro Peña (Republication)

    We are listening to the best moments of Juan el Lebrijano. His songs are all part of the flamenco festivals.His repertoire includes more than sixteen tittles from 'El lebrijano' (1973) and 'Arte de mi tierra' (1974), with the guitars of Manolo Sanlucar and Pedro Peña. 

    Price: 10.45 € (12.26 USD)
  • El lebrijano con Paco de Lucia 7.35€ #50112UN139 Ref.: 50112UN139

    El lebrijano con Paco de Lucia

    El Lebrijano in a special colaboration with Paco de Lucía this is Arte Puro, inspired the inovative and the traditional. El Lebrijano is the best display of the Peña de Lebrija family. Cantaor jondo, yet innovative, he has been succesful with the fusions he has made with arabic music.

    Price: 7.35 € (8.62 USD)
  • Casablanca. El Lebrijano 13.10€ #50515EMI317 Ref.: 50515EMI317

    Casablanca. El Lebrijano

    'Casablanca' is more than an album. Something very spiritual wraps around it: the imgages, the music. The recordings create an atmosphere that seem to reflect the artist's inner-self: His mood, spirit and emotions.Juan Peña Fernández, El Lebrijano is perhaps the most gifted cantaor of his generation. He has an excellent voice, knows cante's palos like few others and owns an ancient eco for he...

    Price: 13.10 € (15.36 USD)
  • Persecucion. El Lebrijano 13.10€ #50112UN164 Ref.: 50112UN164

    Persecucion. El Lebrijano

    El Lebrijano's constantly evolving philosophy has yielded some exceptionally personal pieces. Works like 'Persecución', where he introduced cante por galeras and 'Ven y sígume', a modern flamenco opera with music by Manolo Sanlúcar.

    Price: 13.10 € (15.36 USD)
  • Pa saber de flamenco 2 9.90€ #50112UN368 Ref.: 50112UN368

    Pa saber de flamenco 2

    From the jazzy flamenco to the pure flamenco, 'Pa saber del flamenco2' is a compilation of popular songs of the flamenco. This cd is an ideal compilation to have a home, you'll find tittles of Camaron, Duquende, Paco de Lucía, El Lebrijano, Manolo Sanlúcar, Carmen Linares, Marina Heredia, Fosforito, Caracol, Mairena.

    Price: 9.90 € (11.61 USD)
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