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  • Evocación a Fernando Terremoto. En Compás de Origen 15.20€ #50481MM458 Ref.: 50481MM458

    Evocación a Fernando Terremoto. En Compás de Origen

    Recorded live at the Albeniz Theatre of Madrid, during the show with the same name. Directed by Manuel Morao. Cante: Antonio Nuñez “Chocolate”, Maria Vargas, Fernando Terremoto (hijo), Ines Bacan. Guitarists: Juan Morao and Diego Amaya.

    Price: 15.20 € (17.83 USD)
  • Pa Saber De Tangos 9.90€ #50112UN646 Ref.: 50112UN646

    Pa Saber De Tangos

    The flamenco tango is a style with a great rhytmic emphasis and is, with the bulería, the party-loving singing par excellence. It is a young and dynamic singing, in constant evolution, very used to direct and catchy choruses and is usually used by the flamenco artists to start their works and their performances. This compilation is a selection of styles and forms made by artists of...

    Price: 9.90 € (11.61 USD)
  • Un siglo con duende 18.95€ #50515EMI78 Ref.: 50515EMI78

    Un siglo con duende

    In two discs, Un Siglo Con Duende brings together the most ripe works of flamenco. It is an excellent compilation with an eclectic variety of different flamenco styles of different time periods. Works from the following artists: Dorantes, Tomatito, Camarón, Remedios Amaya, Esperanza Fernández, Indio Gitano, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Enrique Morente, Juanito Villar, Chano Lobato, Fernanda de...

    Price: 18.95 € (22.22 USD)
  • Juan Habichuela - Habas Contadas 21.50€ #50112UN647 Ref.: 50112UN647

    Juan Habichuela - Habas Contadas

    Con este CD ''Habas Contadas''se rinde un homenaje a Juan Habichuela con un digipack de dos cd´s, en este doble cd se encuentran colaboraciones como Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Chano Lobato entre otros.

    Price: 21.50 € (25.21 USD)
  • Antologia Flamenca. Perico 'el del Lunar' hijo 3CDS 27.90€ #50080650601 Ref.: 50080650601

    Antologia Flamenca. Perico 'el del Lunar' hijo 3CDS

    "Antologia Flamenca" a triple cd with 35 songs, performed by Chano Lobato, Jesus Heredia, Talegon de Cordoba. This a pure flamenco cd.

    Price: 27.90 € (32.72 USD)
  • Momentos Cumbre (Los grandes maestros del arte flamenco) 23.95€ #50112BMG82 Ref.: 50112BMG82

    Momentos Cumbre (Los grandes maestros del arte flamenco)

    Momentos Cumbre (Los grandres Maestros del arte flamenco) is made up of 3 fully remastered Cd's in which 'there is no selection criteria other than offering the listener with a sampler of the best quality voices and guitars of flamenco's most fertile catalogue on record'. It is selection of the best recordings from the archives of the following labels: Ariola, Columbia, Rca, Alhambra, Zafiro,...

    Price: 23.95 € (28.09 USD)
  • Con poderio (nuestro mejor flamenco) 12.45€ #50515EMI115 Ref.: 50515EMI115

    Con poderio (nuestro mejor flamenco)

    A grouping of flamencos from the past and the present, along with a handful of songs that make history, and an overview of the young and daring flamenco, the one for rumbas, the one for the streets. On the flip-side a museum of vintage art, it was pure; the one from before, full of tints and shades. With this 2 disc album one can enjoy a wonderful journey through all of Spain's flamenco from...

    Price: 12.45 € (14.60 USD)
  • De la Zambra al duende. Juan Habichuela 10.35€ #50112UN116 Ref.: 50112UN116

    De la Zambra al duende. Juan Habichuela

    Juan Habichuela is considered one of the great masters of his genre and is an imperative reference for new Flamenco fans. He is an indusputable icon and was recognized in a tribute to him in the album "De la Zambra al duende." It is the tribute of a life and an entire generation, los Habichuela, an integral part of Flamenco history. Special collaborations include Alejandro Sanz, Paco de Lucía,...

    Price: 10.35 € (12.14 USD)
  • Duende & Fiesta. Flamencopassion 32.00€ #50515EMI92 Ref.: 50515EMI92

    Duende & Fiesta. Flamencopassion

    Duende & Fiesta is a 3 disc compilation of the best songs by the best flamenco artists. Interpreters like amaron de la Isla, Tomatito,Carmen Linares , Manuel Soto 'El Sorderita',Chano Lobato, Dieguito el Cigala, Juanito Valderrama, La Niña de los peines, Bernarda y Fernanda de Utrera, Pepe Marchena, Navajita Plateá , Fosforito, Enrique Morente, Antonio el Chaqueta and many others.

    Price: 32.00 € (37.53 USD)
  • Por bulerias 11.35€ #50515EMI290 Ref.: 50515EMI290

    Por bulerias

    A compilation of bulerías.An indispensable album. The bulerías of Pepa de Benito, del Potito, de Remedios, Bernarda and Fernanda and the genius cover of Arriero by Chano Lobate are jeweles. It as flamenco as it gets in its cante and guitars.

    Price: 11.35 € (13.31 USD)
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