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  • Cambio de Tercio. Pitingo 15.50€ #50112UN690 Ref.: 50112UN690

    Cambio de Tercio. Pitingo

    Pitingo returns to his origins as a flamenco singer in his new disc 'Cambio de tercio'. In his new musical work we will find seguiriyas ("Hoy y 100 años atrás"), fandanguillos del jilguero de Marchena ("Cante de la Roda de Sevilla"),una Caña con el Macho primitivo y Rondeña por Soleá, una Soleá y Bamberas (“Serrano balcón de Rondas”),...

    Price: 15.50 € (18.18 USD)
  • solo compás - Baile flamenco. Vol. 2 (2 Cd's) 19.42€ #50506T14C50526 Ref.: 50506T14C50526

    solo compás - Baile flamenco. Vol. 2 (2 Cd's)

    The bailaor José Galván returns with the second volume of this series, taking one more step on the way towards learning flamenco dancing. Directed at intermediate level learners, it contains two CDs the first one has the dance and the second one is just the accompaniment to the dance. This album looks at garrotín, tarantos, bamberas, tangos, rondeñas, zorongo, caña and martinete. José...

    Price: 19.42 € (22.78 USD)
  • Rosa Maria - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia 12.60€ #50112UN72 Ref.: 50112UN72

    Rosa Maria - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia

    On the cover of 'Rosamaría' is a picuture of Lamarca. On the guitar there is Paco de Lucía with the accompanyment of Ramá de Algeciras. All songs are by Antonio Sánchez, except for the buleria titled 'Con roca de pernal' by Joaquín Carmona. 'Rosamaría' is the hit, a few catchy tangos which accomplished their task. La Canastera is not as good as the first one, and in it Paco de Lucía...

    Price: 12.60 € (14.78 USD)
  • Rehearsal Flamenco Skirt: Model Bambera 69.42€ #50171BAMBERA Ref.: 50171BAMBERA

    Rehearsal Flamenco Skirt: Model Bambera

    We have a wide variety of skirts for flamenco dance for professional use. This flamenco skirt is handmade by the best Andalusian tailors and manufacturers. The skirt fits well; it’s convenient and has fullness. The manufacture delay for this flamenco skirt is estimated between 2 to 3 weeks. Once paid, we will proceed with the fashion of the skirt. Please take into account those details...

    Price: 69.42 € (81.40 USD)
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