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  • Cositas buenas - Paco de Lucia 14.65€ #50112UN333 Ref.: 50112UN333

    Cositas buenas - Paco de Lucia

    For four decades, Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia's jazzy, Mephisto-like technique redefined flamenco. This CD, which means 'Good Small Things,' is de Lucia’s first release in five years, and it's been worth the wait. Most of the eight tracks feature just de Lucia, a chorus of vocalists, percussion, and the zesty handclaps called palmas. Lucia and company take you through the Moorish, Jewish,...

    Price: 14.65 € (17.18 USD)
  • Cañailla - Niña Pastori 18.75€ #50511BMG133 Ref.: 50511BMG133

    Cañailla - Niña Pastori

    On her third album 'Cañaílla' (which means 'from the San Fernando Island', in Cádiz), Niña explores her flamenco roots without straying too far from the pop style that has allowed her to appeal more easily to younger audiences. The promotional single 'Cai', which is 'Cádiz' but pronounced in Andalucia jergon, was written by Alejandro Sánz, and refers to Niña's Andalucian origins. Along the...

    Price: 18.75 € (21.99 USD)
  • Eres luz - Niña Pastori 16.65€ #50511BMG134 Ref.: 50511BMG134

    Eres luz - Niña Pastori

    'Eres Luz' was produced by Paco Ortega -he's the one who discovered Niña-, and it's full of happiness and cantes. Niña Pastori, with her voice, takes us deep inside the New Flamenco culture where all the cantes have a fres sound. This album features collaborations from Alejandro Sanz, Parrita, Paco Ortega and even from Paco, María's (Niña Pastori) brother, who wrote the rumba 'Como tú,...

    Price: 16.65 € (19.53 USD)
  • Doy La Cara. Jose Merce. CD 15.95€ #50113FN702 Ref.: 50113FN702

    Doy La Cara. Jose Merce. CD

    Doy La Cara is a very special album by José Mercé with a lot of popular classic songs, sung in duet with such artists as Joaquín Sabina , Pablo Alborán , Alejandro Sanz, Álvaro Urquijo, Ainhoa Arteta, Chabuco, Andrés Calamaro, Jorge Drexler y Vanesa Martín.

    Price: 15.95 € (18.71 USD)
  • José Mercé. Mi única llave 16.50€ #50515EMI678 Ref.: 50515EMI678

    José Mercé. Mi única llave

    Mi única llaveis the title of new album of José Mercé produced by Javier Limón. The “cantaor”, euphoric with this disc, presents his work like “a contemporary flamenco disc, the disc is serious, sober, profound, with a wealth of music” The album is considered by the critics like an impeccable disc, the most innovative disc since 80’s. The...

    Price: 16.50 € (19.35 USD)
  • Original Sound Track. Enrique Morente 14.50€ #50112UN660 Ref.: 50112UN660

    Original Sound Track. Enrique Morente

    Original Soundtrack of the documentary of the same name. A tribute to the singer who fused flamenco with other styles of music thanks to its innovative creativity. Enjoy songs from his latest album 'Morente' in a book-CD only one in which José Manuel Gamboa, Amelia Castilla, Alejandro Sanz, Barrachina, Dorantes and Javier Limón among others, reminiscent of Granada as an emblematic...

    Price: 14.50 € (17.01 USD)
  • Ref.: 50112UN662

    "Y Soñé". Plaza Sur

    Fran, Salva and Adri are three voices that make up this trio of Malaga, Plaza Sur. Trio that has debuted in the music scene when they were discovered by the producer and songwriter Timmy Ropero (María Jiménez, Malu) in a TV program when called 2Sureños". "Y Soñé" is an album full of pop tunes, cooler flamenco and a chill out version of the...

    Price: 18.50 € (21.70 USD)
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