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  • Flamensoul 5.95€ #50999T14559 Ref.: 50999T14559


    Really just a pop-rumba/Spanish ballad group, and not any worse than the next if you put it in that bin. There is a bit of electric guitar here and there, which presumably is the "soul" element, but it's negligible. Maybe they meant 'sol'.Articles on sale, untill end of stock.

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  • Flamenco Inheritance Melancholy CD + DVD 13.55€ #50080931168 Ref.: 50080931168

    Flamenco Inheritance Melancholy CD + DVD

    Manuel García Serrano is "LoLo", was born in Huelva, of gypsy parents. It is formed as an artist, since the 14 years old working for most tablaos of the country. As well he says "I sing and dance"  because he has necessity to make it, to express everything he feels and because it is his form to live and to feel the heat of the public. An artist with a unique live, full of nuances and a lot of...

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  • When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet 16.95€ #50113DA578 Ref.: 50113DA578

    When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet

    Some day, the colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez said this from him: ‘’When Lebrijano sings, water gets wet’’. For his 50 years of career, the master from Lebrija wants to settle in the poetic way by dedicating his cd number 35 to the large and awarded work of the brilliant Colombian.    This is the discographic work number 35 for the 50 years of Juan Peña artistic career and...

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  • Me duele, me duele - Marina Heredia 13.10€ #50112UN146 Ref.: 50112UN146

    Me duele, me duele - Marina Heredia

    Marina Heredia has a cante that stands out because of its versatility, her ability to work with top-notch artists and her unmatchable capability to perform in any genre. After seven months recording at the sierra de Cádiz, Marina Heredia released her first solo effort, produced by Pepe de Lucía. The album has ten tracks, of which three were written by Luis Carrasco (17 years old): the tangos...

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  • Antonio Gades 42.00€ #50317848048652 Ref.: 50317848048652

    Antonio Gades

    Antonio Gades, from Alicante, book with more than 300 pages, a tribute to his life and artistic work, accross some pictures, that Gades has left to his foundation a few month before his deatgh.You will find, among others, pictures of Colita, Antonio Cores and Pepe Lamarca. "I began to dance by chance and I was lucky because I found the best teacher, Pilar López." Antonio Gades (November 14, 1936...

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  • Learn and practise accompanying the Sevillanas by Jose Manuel Montoya 30.00€ #50489DVD-Sevillanas Ref.: 50489DVD-Sevillanas

    Learn and practise accompanying the Sevillanas by Jose Manuel Montoya

    This DVD explains the accompanying the SEVILLANAS and also gives the opportunity of practise it.Script and Flamenco Guitar: Jose Manuel Montoya Musicians:Curro Cueto: Cante y flute Marcos Parra: CajónMarisa Sánchez: Baile and palmasMª Jesús Humanes: Baile and palmasDavid García Llave: Palmas and ZambombaRafael Fernández: Palmas 200 minutes5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and...

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  • Jose Manuel Montoya. Flamenco guitar '' Bulerias step by step I'' 39.33€ #50489DVD-GF 010 Ref.: 50489DVD-GF 010

    Jose Manuel Montoya. Flamenco guitar '' Bulerias step by step I''

    José Manuel Montoya after playing the theme por ''Bulerías'' called Yaiza, there follows a detailed study of the seven falsetas and the finishing off, demonstrating a wide variety of rasgueos. Guitar: José Manuel MontoyaCante: Curro CuetoBass: Tomás GueroCajón: Fco. Manuel PrietoClapping: José Merino, Carlos Chamorro, David García Dance : Carlos Chamorro Each falseta is played:- At a...

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  • Ref.: 50489L-SONANTA

    "Mi Sonanta" scores book/CD by Carlos Piñana

    "Mi Sonanta" scores book/CD by Carlos Piñana.  Five new songs by Carlos Piñana On the CD there are two audio versions (with and without guitar)  Guajirón (guajira)  Tarantilla (minera) Cairo (bulería) Naseer (zapateado) Piñanera (taranta)  “Mi sonanta”, a new proposal in transcribing for the flamenco guitar  It's not often in flamenco guitar transcription that the...

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  • Flamenco Jazz - Real Book Compiled by Guillermo McGill 30.00€ #50489L-REALBOOK 01 Ref.: 50489L-REALBOOK 01

    Flamenco Jazz - Real Book Compiled by Guillermo McGill

     Score book "Flamenco Jazz - Real Book" Compiled by Guillermo McGill 65 Flamenco-Jazz compositions penned by some of the most important Spanish musicians: Alfonso Gamaza, Angel Rubio, Carles Benavent, Francis Posé, Guillermo McGill, Jaco Abel, Jaima Muela, Jordi Bonell, Jorge Pardo, Nono García, Pedro Cortejosa, Pedro Ojesto, Perico Sambeat, Tito Alcedo Themes: Alfonso Gamaza :...

    Price: 30.00 € (35.18 USD)
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